Quill & Quire reviews ‘Savour’

"… a unique and unsettling perspective to the otherwise hoary trope of the relationship between a serial killer and his victim….The narrative development, driven by character rather than expected machinations of the plot, is a genuine pleasure…Savour contains enough information about the events of Nondescript ...


Savour, published in Canada Oct 2014.

  The second book in 'The Lizzy Trilogy' was published by Anvil Press in Oct 2014, to be translated and published in the Netherlands and France in 2015. Savour continues the dark story of Lizzy and her nemesis Oliver. Lizzy is entrenched in the shadier part of London, far from her hometown in Scotland. Three years ...


Nondescript Rambunctious, the first in the Lizzy Trilogy.

Nondescript Rambunctious was published by Anvil Press in Canada. A literary thriller, it is the first in 'The Lizzy Trilogy'. More than a simple story of a killer and his victims, we are taken into the life of a family, the days of a community, and the very real possibility that evil is everywhere - maybe even inside ...


Dutch translation of Nondescript Rambunctious, ‘Thirst’.

The Dutch translation of Nondescript Rambunctious was published in April 2014 by Uitgeverij Cargo. It has been renamed Dorst (Thirst). 'He sees and hears everything'. REVIEWS "A masterly dark, sinister, literary thriller." - Nouveau Magazine "Jackie Bateman has delivered a first-class thriller with Thirst, at ...


Nondescript Rambunctious Reviews

REVIEWS "...a thriller that succeeds by nodding politely to the formula, then turning it on its head... Bateman hasn’t imagined a world of dogged cops, rumpled detectives, or amateur sleuths. Nondescript Rambunctious is about the heartbreaking consequences of human depravity, not tying up loose ends or piecing ...


Savour and ‘The Lizzy Trilogy’

THE LIZZY TRILOGY The Lizzy Trilogy is the story of a dark, suspected serial killer named Oliver, and his long time interest, Lizzy. Each book retains the dark threads of sociopathic depravity, tempered with a tender ray of humanity. Lizzy is streetwise yet fragile, and her desperate journey is both uplifting and ...