I work collaboratively on a freelance basis with a variety of contacts in publishing, advertising and design. My copywriting scope  includes film production onesheets, pitch packages and sizzle scripts, internal and external promotional materials, radio commercials, web sites, corporate communication, business articles, corporate video scripts, press and billboard advertising. I’ve also written many pieces for private clients in the film, photography and art sectors.

My experience in the advertising and design industries spans over 20 years. I’ve worked with top agencies in London, Edinburgh and Vancouver.


Teaching & Workshops

In 2015, I began to volunteer with the Writers’ Exchange, mentoring in Vancouver-based schools. The program gets inner city kids excited about reading and writing, promoting literacy, and creating cool projects.

In 2016 I kicked off the ‘Writing with Writers’ series held at North Vancouver City Library, in conjunction with the North Shore Writers Association. Entitled ‘Chills & Bellyaches: Writing Thrillers, Mysteries and Crime’, the workshop was a fun and interactive session for beginners and intermediate writers interested in honing their craft. More details about the workshop can be found in the North Shore News here.