Services for Writers

I can help you with any of the following services. If you’re interested in talking to me, drop me a line and we can discuss what you need. I’ll then assess and give you an estimate in advance of the work.

Manuscript Review

I read and assess your manuscript, giving you feedback in the form of a 2-page report. I will cover all areas, including characterization, plot, pacing, style, structure. I’ll give suggestions for improvement, and big picture advice on next steps. This is not copy editing, but an overview on your story. This is good for writers of any stage in their career who are looking to improve their manuscript, get fresh eyes on it, or receive an objective opinion.

Short Story Review

I read and assess your story, and give you feedback annotated directly on the text. I will cover all areas, including the opener, the ending, characterization, style, structure and other thoughts depending on the genre. If you are writing for a particular publication or contest in mind, we can work with that too.

Book Cover Copy

I will read your manuscript and write the copy to go on the back cover of your book. As well as being a novelist, I have a background in advertising copywriting, and can write a mean sell.


Writers are generally modest and terrible at showing off. Send me details of your career so far, and anything else that you might want to include, and I will write your biography so that you don’t have to.

Queries and Synopses

These are the hardest things to write objectively for your own work. As we all know. Send me your story outline and I will either write the query or synopsis for you, or edit the one you’ve written. A successful synopsis isn’t just a dry list of events, but a story in itself. Let’s write one.

Talks and Workshops

I give talks and workshops to small groups of writers. I’ve talked to writers of all ages, and given a ‘special guest’ classroom talk on writing the novel. I also have a talk called ‘Chills and Bellyaches: Writing Thrillers, Mysteries and Crime’ that is fun and interactive workshop for beginning and intermediate writers interested in honing their craft. If you are interested in hosting a talk or event, please contact me with the details.