Savour, published in Canada Oct 2014.



The second book in ‘The Lizzy Trilogy’ was published by Anvil Press in Oct 2014, to be translated and published in the Netherlands and France in 2015. Savour continues the dark story of Lizzy and her nemesis Oliver.

Lizzy is entrenched in the shadier part of London, far from her hometown in Scotland. Three years after she escaped its drug-hazed oppression, she has found work on a market stall and lives in squalor. In constant fear of being found, she is unaware that Oliver watches from the shadows. She belongs to him now, as he battles with the need to protect her – and the burning desire to take her soul. Savour retains the dark threads of sociopathic depravity, with the more tender side of human nature always shining through. Lizzy is streetwise yet fragile, and her desperate journey is both uplifting and heartbreaking.



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