‘The Lizzy Trilogy’



The Lizzy Trilogy is the story of a dark, suspected serial killer named Oliver, and his long time interest, Lizzy. Each book retains the dark threads of sociopathic depravity, tempered with a tender ray of humanity. Lizzy is streetwise yet fragile, and her desperate journey is both uplifting and heartbreaking. She is unaware that Oliver watches over her from the shadows. She belongs to him now, as he battles with his need to protect her – and the burning desire to take her soul.

Nondescript Rambunctious (Anvil Press, Canada 2011, Uitgeverij Cargo, Netherlands 2014)

Savour: The Obsessions of a Murderer (Anvil Press, Canada 2014)

Straight Circles (Anvil Press, Canada 2018)



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